Severe Weather/Emergency Services Numbers:

Florida Emergency Information Line (Activated) 800-342-3557

Visit to find information on shelters, road closures, and evacuation routes.

Broward County:

Dial 2-1-1

American Red Cross Hurricane Hotline: 954-797-3800

Animal Care & Regulation: 954-359-1313

Broward County Emergency Hotline: 954-831-4000

Broward Emergency Management Agency: 954-831-3900

Special Medical Needs Registry: 954-831-3902

Miami-Dade County:

Dial 211

American Red Cross of Greater Miami: 305-644-1200

Miami-Dade Animal Care & Control: 305-884-1101

Miami-Dade Building Permit & Inspection Center: 786-315-2424

Miami-Dade County Office of Emergency Management: 305-468-5400

Miami-Dade Emergency Evacuation Assistance Program: 305-513-7700

Special Medical Needs Registry: 305-324-2400

Special Transportation Services: 305-630-5300

Hurricane Preparedness Checklist:

• Cash or traveler’s checks
• Fill up your car’s gas tank
• Emergency contact phone numbers including written copies
• Fire extinguisher
• Clean containers to store drinking water (1 gallon per person per day)
• 3-day supply of food (canned & dried goods)
• Manual can opener
• Hand tools: hammer, nails, ax, knife, pliers, handsaw, screwdrivers
• Electric drill with screwdriver bits to install bolts for window protection
• Unscented household bleach to purify water (8 drops per gallon of water)
• Soap and plastic container
• At least one flashlight per person with spare batteries
• Spare batteries for other needs
• Battery-operated radio with weather band
• First-aid kit: bandages, gauze, scissors, petroleum jelly, antiseptic spray, hydrogen peroxide, antacids, aspirin, thermometer, rubbing alcohol
• Extra prescription medicine
• Copies of important documents
• Matches (wooden ones are best)
• Disposable eating utensils and plates
• Hygiene and personal care items
• Whistle or air horn
• Gas grill or Sterno stove with extra fuel (Do not take gas grills indoors)
• Large trash bags / 100 feet of rope or cord
• Tarp, canvas, or anything for a roof repair

See below for a list of Federal courts with jurisdiction over the Southern District of Florida:

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Volunteer opportunities with the American Red Cross and how to sign up:

Red Cross Emergency APP: 
Text GETEMERGENCY to 90999 or search "Red Cross Emergency" in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. For more information about the app: