Wasserman Schultz Labor Day Statement

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Sunrise, FL, September 4, 2017 | comments
U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL-23) issued the following statement in observance of Labor Day:

“So much of what we have in this nation, we owe to the brave union sisters and brothers who organized, fought and died for a better life for all of us. These victories touch our lives every day. Whether it’s safer working conditions and higher wages, a child’s freedom from work, or simply experiencing more leisure time with friends and family because of fewer hours on the job, it is because of the labor movement that we enjoy these critical benefits.

On Labor Day we must also recognize that it is still this nation’s union members who are leading on so many other urgent battlefronts, from better pay, health care and paid family leave, to an economy built on a sustainable environmental future. Our national prosperity depends upon a healthy labor movement. And it is no coincidence that the relative drop-off in union membership has tracked the growth in American income inequality. On Labor Day, let’s celebrate these many accomplishments, thank those who sacrificed for them, and re-commit ourselves to the ongoing fight for a better quality of life that unions have always fought to secure – for all Americans.”

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