FL-23 Women's History Month: Kathy Fernandez Rundle

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Washington, DC, March 11, 2016 | comments
Each March, we celebrate Women's History Month and honor and recognize our nation's women and all their contributions to improve the lives of every American. Each Friday this month, I'll be celebrating a woman in Florida's 23rd Congressional District who is active in public service. This week's honoree is Kathy Fernandez Rundle, State Attorney of Miami-Dade County.
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FL-23 Women’s History Month: Kathy Fernandez Rundle

In continuation of Women’s History Month, this Friday I would like to highlight another accomplished woman from Florida’s 23rd District.

Kathy Fernandez Rundle is the first female Hispanic State Attorney in the state of Florida and has served as State Attorney of Miami-Dade County since 1993. Prior to her appointment, she worked 15 years as Assistant State Attorney and acted as legal counsel to the Dade County Grand Jury for eight years. During her career, Kathy has presented hundreds of cases and has made significant strides in many areas of criminal justice. She is also a strong advocate of juvenile justice and was a key partner in the creation of Miami-Dade’s Juvenile Assessment Center, which aims to improve our juvenile justice system by creating effective juvenile sentencing alternatives for offenders. Additionally, as a fierce children’s advocate, she is the only State Attorney in Florida operating a Child Support Enforcement Office in pursuit of making delinquent child support payments easier.

Kathy has dedicated her life to public service and I am so grateful for the decades of service she has given to our state. 

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