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  • CNN: Bill would block ICE from arresting immigrant child sponsors
    Posted in In the News on October 1, 2018 | Preview rr

    Washington (CNN) -- A bipartisan group of lawmakers are seeking to prevent the Trump administration from arresting undocumented immigrants who come forward to take care of undocumented immigrant children who are in the country alone, after CNN reported such arrests were happening. A bill set to be introduced Tuesday comes as both the number of immigrant children in government custody and the length of time those children are being detained are skyrocketing. The Trump administration's own policie... Read more

  • Sun-Sentinel: Children in shelter are OK but now they must be reunited with parents, say politicians after tour
    Posted in In the News on June 25, 2018 | Preview rr

    “The absolutely critical thing that we have to have is making sure the administration immediately adopts a policy that helps these children, particularly those who were involuntarily separated from their parents at the border, to be reunified with their parents,” said U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Weston. Read more

  • Miami Herald Op-Ed: We want gun dealers to conduct instant background checks before selling ammunition
    Posted in In the News on April 15, 2018 | Preview rr

    Miami Herald We want gun dealers to conduct instant background checks before selling ammunition BY RICHARD BLUMENTHAL AND DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ Nearly anywhere in America, a felon with a violent criminal history can walk into a gun store and walk out minutes later – no questions asked – with hundreds of rounds of ammunition for an assault weapon. We already have laws on the books designed to prevent such sales, but the disturbing truth is that we do not require enforcement. Under current fede... Read more

  • WSVN: Wasserman-Schultz, leaders voice support for Haitian immigrants
    Posted in In the News on February 5, 2018 | Preview rr

    WSVN 7 Wasserman-Schultz, leaders voice support for Haitian immigrants By Vanessa Medina SUNRISE, FLA. (WSVN) - Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and South Florida leaders showed support for Haitian immigrants who may be losing their Temporary Protective Status. During a Monday afternoon meeting, Wasserman-Schultz was joined by Broward County Superintendent Robert Runcie to discuss what can be done to help children in Broward County. The roundtable discussion emphasized their safety... Read more

  • WLRN: South Florida Dreamers To Attend The State Of The Union Address With Lawmakers
    Posted in In the News on January 30, 2018 | Preview rr

    WLRN South Florida Dreamers To Attend The State Of The Union Address With Lawmakers South Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is one of a few lawmakers who are bringing Dreamers as their special guests to Tuesday’s State of the Union Address. In the U.S. there are 1.8 million Dreamers, otherwise known as recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) immigration status. It was last year that President Donald Trump made known he would not be renewing the program, which... Read more

  • Trump Shutdown: Questions & Answers
    Posted in In the News on January 20, 2018 | Preview rr
    Tags: Women, Veterans, Military & Defense

    Questions and Answers on the Impacts of a GOP Government Shutdown Will I keep receiving my Social Security and SSI checks? During a government shutdown, recipients will continue to receive their Social Security and SSI checks. However, a shutdown suspends the issuance of Social Security cards. On a typical day, approximately 60,000 Americans apply for Social Security cards, which they may need to be able to start a job, take out a loan, open a bank account, or conduct other financial transactio... Read more

  • ROLL CALL: Bill Aimed at Combating Sexual Harassment Unveiled
    Posted in In the News on January 18, 2018 | Preview rr
    Tags: Women

    ROLL CALL Bill Aimed at Combating Sexual Harassment Unveiled By Katherine Tully-McManus A sweeping bill aimed at combating sexual harassment on Capitol Hill was introduced Thursday by House Administration Chairman Gregg Harper. The Mississippi Republican said he hopes the measure will be expedited through the chamber. Lawmakers say the the bill will make the reporting, resolution and settlement process more transparent, while also protecting victims’ identities and providing options for House em... Read more

  • CBS Miami: It’s Sign-Up Season For The Affordable Care Act
    Posted in In the News on November 1, 2017 | Preview rr
    Tags: Women, Health Care

    It’s sign-up season for the Affordable Care Act, but the Trump administration isn’t making it easy by cutting the enrollment period in half, slashing advertising and dialing back on counselors who help consumers get through the process. Sign-up begins Wednesday. "Affordable choices are still available." Read more

  • NBC 6 Miami: Breast Cancer Early Detection a Top Priority For Survivor U.S. Rep. Wasserman Schultz
    Posted in In the News on October 31, 2017 | Preview rr
    Tags: Women, Breast Cancer Research, Education, Health Care, Veterans

    "I know that early detection saves lives and if you cut out a decade between when women are 40 and 50 years and they don’t begin screening starting at 40 then you know that we’re going to lose thousands and thousands more women than we would if they had access to that screening beginning at 40," the congresswoman said. Read more

  • Miami Herald: Wasserman Schultz clashes with Rick Scott over hurricane debris removal
    Posted in In the News on October 11, 2017 | Preview rr
    Tags: Environment

    WASHINGTON - Debbie Wasserman Schultz argued Wednesday that Gov. Rick Scott is slowing Hurricane Irma debris cleanup by forcing certain municipalities to follow debris removal contracts negotiated before the storm. The longtime congresswoman from Broward County and the governor engaged in a testy exchange over hurricane debris removal during a meeting between the governor and the entire Florida congressional delegation on Wednesday. “Debris has become an emergency situation, a public health hazard, rot is setting in,” Wasserman Schulz said. “If we start getting another hurricane all this debris will become projectiles.” Read more