Bipartisan Jewish American Heritage Month Resolution Introduced in Congress

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From the diverse fields of medicine, science, and entertainment, to the fight for civil rights and equality, this community helped America to become that more perfect union our nation always strives to be. This celebration is also one of the most effective ways to combat rising antisemitism, as Jews and non-Jews alike come to learn about all the amazing Jewish Americans who served in pivotal government and military posts, won Nobel prizes, led universities and corporations, made lifesaving medical discoveries, authored great American novels, and worked to advance America’s noble experiment in democracy. I am so proud to join my bipartisan House colleagues in this crucial effort.

Wasserman Schultz on Breast Cancer New USPSTF Mammogram Recommendations: Starting Screenings at 40 Makes Sense, But Delayed Advice Leaves Gaps

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Today, I was glad to see the USPSTF is finally recommending that women start receiving mammograms at age 40, as this has been the general consensus in the medical community for over a decade, but I am very concerned that their full recommendations miss the mark.

Members Introduce Bill to Study Transfer of Weitzman Museum Honoring American Jewish History to the Smithsonian Institution

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Jewish communities have made astounding contributions to America’s noble experiment in building a more perfect union. Sharing those achievements with everyone is what the late Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter and I had in mind when we created Jewish American Hertiage Month (JAHM) nearly two decades ago. Educating all Americans, from all over the country, about these amazing Jewish impacts on our nation’s history, not only raises awareness but helps dispel harmful prejudices about our community. Taking this critical step to welcome the Weitzman National Museum of American Jewish History into the larger Smithsonian family would bring that vision closer to reality. This powerful institutional integration signals a strong commitment to address the dramatic rise in antisemitism by helping amplify the myriad ways Jewish Americans enriched a nation who’s very founding, fittingly, traces back to Philadelphia, the Weitzman Museum’s home city.

Wasserman Schultz Shares Measles Vaccination Safety Measures, Calls for Ladapo Removal

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Sadly, Florida’s Surgeon General stands in stark contrast to America’s proud legacy of bipartisan public health succes. Ladapo instead politicizes public health and peddles risky ‘freedom of choice’ rhetoric that fuels vaccine hesitancy and downplays the public and personal health necessity for vaccination.

Wasserman Schultz, Second Gentleman Emhoff, Ambassador Herzog Shine Spotlight on Hamas’ Gender-based Violence Against Israeli Women

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We cannot give an inch to those who would overlook sexual violence specifically against Jews, because they are the heirs to the darkest moments in our history. Today we helped lift that silence and confronted the hate that feeds it.

Newsweek: Elon Musk Is Amplifying Bigotry. He Must Be Stopped | Opinion

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In responsible hands, with responsible regulations, AI can be indispensable in countering hatred online rather than intensifying it. Our Interparliamentary Task Force will continue to convene global lawmakers and digital platforms in search of solutions to mitigate the hazards presented by AI and its algorithms. This dialogue gives us hope that social media and AI leaders can use this remarkable technology to build a better internet.