Wasserman Schultz, Blumenthal Announce Reintroduction of Jaime’s Law to Require Ammunition Background Checks

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“No person should endure the agonizing pain of losing someone they love to gun violence. Families in towns and cities across the country who have been touched by this agonizing epidemic are joining Fred Guttenberg and other gun safety advocates to demand Congress address this public health crisis,” said Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz. “I'm proud to reintroduce Jaime’s Law on her birthday, which is a crucial piece of the multifaceted approach needed to end the gun violence epidemic. Closing the ammunition loophole and requiring background checks for ammunition purchases can save lives.”

New Law Would Reveal True Horror of America’s Deadly School Shootings

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“We will never loosen the chokehold opponents of gun safety have on solving this public health crisis until we fully understand the carnage that firearms inflict on Americans, especially on our school campuses, “ said Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz. “The more we know about the dangers that guns pose to our classrooms, the more likely we are to prevent the next Marjorie Stoneman Douglas or Sandy Hook massacre. Protecting students and teachers, and understanding the real dangers they face from firearms, is yet one more political space where all sides can agree that we need to make swift, substantial progress. We just need the data to help identify trends and gaps, and then we can work toward solving it. This legislation would build a sturdy foundation to make schools safer.”

Wasserman Schultz Vows to Keep Working To Prevent Gun Violence

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Democrats just led the way in turning the Safer Communities Act into law, and it will save countless lives. But Republicans still stand in the way of more needed reforms.?We must push to get weapons of war off our streets, which means passing common sense reforms, like banning the sale of assault weapons and firearms with high-capacity magazines. We have more work to do until we keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people.

Wasserman Schultz Statement on Supreme Court Overturning Roe v. Wade

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An extremist Supreme Court majority just turned women’s bodies into government property, forcing pregnancy onto millions of women who now face horrific medical, financial, and emotional harm. It’s a repulsive, immoral decision that erodes women’s constitutional and human rights and shows just how dangerously out of step that extremist Republicans and their judicial picks are with most Americans.

WPLG ABC Miami: Elected officials, Broward County residents come out for vigil honoring victims of Atlanta spa shootings

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Wasserman Schultz took the podium to say there is strength in our unity. “We’re here today not just because of the unacceptable tragedy that happened in Atlanta, but since the onset of this pandemic, anti-Asian hatred and attacks have been on a massive uptick.”