Wasserman Schultz, Comer, Klobuchar, Blackburn Applaud CMS Coding Reversal to Help Preserve Key Breast Reconstruction Option for Cancer Survivors

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This reversal means women emerging from a life-threatening breast cancer fight can now breath a small sigh of relief. To survive a deadly battle with breast cancer, women need to reclaim their life – not face fewer reconstruction options, financial anxiety, and medical uncertainty.

Wasserman Schultz, Chu, and Goldman Lead Democrats’ Call for McCarthy to Revoke RFK Jr.’s Congressional Invite

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Mr. Kennedy has repeatedly and recently spread vile and dangerous antisemitic and anti-Asian conspiracy theories that tarnish his credibility as a witness and must not be legitimized with his appearance before the U.S. Congress nor given the platform of an official committee hearing to spread his baseless and discriminatory views.

Wasserman Schultz, Swim Safety Advocates Dive In on New National Water Safety Action Plan

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Drowning is a vital, yet often ignored public health issue, and the U.S. desperately needs a National Water Safety Action Plan. This blueprint finally answers the long, overdue call of the World Health Organization, and is our collective call to action. We each have a role to play in implementing it in the next decade. I stand ready to work with the USNWSAP Steering Committee and the working groups to develop and implement the policies necessary to realize it, and more importantly, to save thousands of lives.

Wasserman Schultz, Klobuchar, Cardin, Fitzpatrick, and DeSaulnier Lead Cancer Survivorship Bill

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From the point of diagnosis, through active treatment and transitions to primary care, until the end of life, this legislation sets the standards of care that all survivors need and deserve. The CCSA confronts care planning, transition, navigation, workforce, education, and awareness, and empowers survivors with the best possible resources and care to overcome this terrible disease. NO survivor or family should be left in the wilderness to navigate this disease or its aftermath.” ?

Wasserman Schultz, DeGette Lead Congressional Call for Overdue Review, Enforcement of E-Cigs Still on Market

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Leaving flavored e-cigarette products widely available without understanding the full impact they have on attracting youth and other non-tobacco users is dangerous and the FDA must swiftly finalize this review process and use all its enforcement tools available to make sure that kids are protected against illegal, kid-friendly products.

WASHINGTON POST: How House Dems went from angry at to rallying around the Biden White House

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“We have permanently funded a guaranteed health-care fund for toxic-exposed veterans. It’s just, it’s historic,” Wasserman Schultz said Wednesday. She credited the party’s messaging effort, soon after the late April passage of the GOP’s initial plan to cut $4.8 trillion in funding, as critical to highlighting how those cuts would have inevitably led to steep cuts to the Department of Veterans Affairs. Republicans in districts that Biden won in 2020 panicked at that line of attack, prompting GOP leaders to promise to protect VA funding in the final compromise. “It happened because we shamed them into it,” Wasserman Schultz said.

Wasserman Schultz: New USPSTF Breast Cancer Screening Recommendations Miss the Mark

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The USPSTF released its long awaited updated Breast Cancer Screening Recommendations. I was glad to see the USPSTF is finally recommending that women start receiving mammograms at age 40, as this has been the general consensus in the medical community for over a decade, but I am concerned that their full recommendations miss the mark.

Wasserman Schultz Honors Infertility Awareness Week with Bipartisan Resolution Reintroduction

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“Infertility affects millions of Americans,” said Rep. Wasserman Schultz. “Bringing a child into the world is truly a blessing and that possibility should be available for anyone who truly wants to start a family. I know from my own infertility experience that in order to realize that goal, we must understand how the disease affects individuals and families to better advocate for sensible solutions. This Resolution is a first step, and one that addresses what infertility is, who it impacts and how, and what we as legislators need to focus on moving forward. It clearly states that Congress needs to work toward developing bipartisan, commonsense policies on this issue so we can ultimately mitigate the burden on individuals, couples, and families. I am so very proud to be a part of that solution.”

Wasserman Schultz Votes Against Republicans’ Destructive Default On America Act

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As Ranking Member on the House Appropriations Subcommittee that ensures our nation’s veterans have the resources and support they need, I refuse to back a vicious default scheme that threatens to rob $2 billion in health care services from those who served, and exposes veterans to massive future service cuts. This bill is a cowardly insult to their brave sacrifices.