Wasserman Schultz Shares Measles Vaccination Safety Measures, Calls for Ladapo Removal

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Sadly, Florida’s Surgeon General stands in stark contrast to America’s proud legacy of bipartisan public health succes. Ladapo instead politicizes public health and peddles risky ‘freedom of choice’ rhetoric that fuels vaccine hesitancy and downplays the public and personal health necessity for vaccination.

Wasserman Schultz Applauds VA decision to expand IVF options for veterans and families

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I fought for years to make changes in the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations bill to replace their outdated and discriminatory policy and expand these benefits to veterans equitably. Our servicemembers put their lives on the line for our country and deserve equal access to the tools and resources available to start their own families.

ABC NEWS/GOOD MORNING AMERICA Dr. Laura Berman and her husband speak out on the introduction of Sammy's Law

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"The very technology that we have in our homes and our pockets today may be part of the problem. But with this bill, we're trying to bring these devices in as part of the solution. And I'm proud to be part of that bipartisan solution," said Wasserman Schultz at the introductory press conference. The new legislation, if passed, would aim to bridge the gap between parents and their children’s social media use.

Wasserman Schultz, Carter, Schrier, Miller-Meeks Introduce Social Media Child Safety Bill

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All parents worry about what their child is seeing or receiving on social media. As the mother of three children who grew up with the world at their fingertips, I constantly worried about what my children were exposed to online, on social media, and through apps that profit from sharing messages which are intentionally designed to disappear without a trace. I am proud to introduce bipartisan legislation to give parents a more balanced level of access to supervise and manage their kid's social media and online presence during the most vulnerable stages of a child’s life.

Blumenthal, Wasserman Schultz Lead Reintroduction of Youth E-cigarette & Tobacco Prevention Legislation

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The profit-driven, predatory drive to hook America’s young people on e-cigarettes and tobacco products demands an aggressive counterattack, and this bill would arm parents, healthcare providers, schools, and policymakers with the vital tools we need to defeat the perils children face with this ongoing epidemic.