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  • Wasserman Schultz, Bipartisan Group of Former Senators & House Members File Amicus Brief in Support of President Obama's Clean Power Plan
    Posted in Press Releases on April 7, 2016 | Preview rr

    Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz is proud to join 44 current and former Senators and 164 current and former House Members from 38 states on an amicus brief supporting President Obama's Clean Power Plan. Read more

  • Congressional Record Statement Honoring Southeast Florida Head Huggers
    Posted in Press Releases on April 7, 2016 | Preview rr

    Since the group began in January 2011, Caps and Wraps has donated more than 20,000 "handmade hugs" to local hospitals and oncology offices to ensure that cancer patients are provided with warmth and comfort. As a cancer survivor, I offer my heartfelt appreciation to Chapter founder, Aline Zucker, for her kindness and generosity. Read more

  • Wasserman Schultz Statement on New Abortion Clinic Violence Report
    Posted in Press Releases on April 5, 2016 | Preview rr

    Today's deeply alarming report from the National Abortion Federation shows that women's health care, and those who practice it, are in danger. The violent and gravely irresponsible rhetoric that was a trademark of Republicans' investigations of Planned Parenthood manifested itself in the tragic murders of three people at a Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic last November. Read more

  • FL-23 Women's History Month: Sarah Franco
    Posted in Press Releases on March 31, 2016 | Preview rr

    I was so honored to be able to join Sarah in September 2014 at the grand opening of JAFCO's Children's Ability Center, where we got to see Sarah and so many at JAFCO's work firsthand. I'm so thankful for her efforts on behalf of South Florida and its Jewish community. Read more

  • Wasserman Schultz, Women's Health Groups Statement on Governor Rick Scott Interfering in Women's Health Care
    Posted in Press Releases on March 25, 2016 | Preview rr

    Rick Scott just showed once and for all just how extreme Florida's Republicans have become when it comes to women's health care and abortion. This law will have devastating effects on Florida's women and their ability to make legal health care decisions with their doctors – without Florida's mostly male politicians' interference. Read more

  • Wasserman Schultz Attends AIPAC Policy Conference
    Posted in Press Releases on March 25, 2016 | Preview rr

    It was so great catching up with so many constituents and friends who support a strong U.S.-Israel relationship at AIPAC Policy Conference this year. Read more

  • FL-23 Women's History Month: Rosalyn Frazier
    Posted in Press Releases on March 25, 2016 | Preview rr

    Rosalyn Frazier is the current CEO of Broward Community and Family Health Centers, a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide quality and accessible health care services to the Broward County community. It was such a pleasure to see her recently in Washington, DC and to hear firsthand how she and so many people she works with are helping keep South Florida's working families healthy. I'm so appreciative of all the good she has done for our South Florida community. Read more

  • Wasserman Schultz Statement on the Affordable Care Act and EARLY Act Anniversary
    Posted in Press Releases on March 23, 2016 | Preview rr

    Even as this law has faced unprecedented obstructionism at both the federal and state level, I have worked to improve and expand it. Today also marks the anniversary of the EARLY Act, which created a breast cancer early awareness and education program for young women. I passed the EARLY Act to empower young women with the information and resources needed to understand their breast health and the risks they face due to their background. I had no idea that as an Ashkenazi Jew I am much more likely to carry the BRCA 2 gene, which elevated my risk of cancer. Read more

  • Wasserman Schultz Statement on Brussels Terrorist Attacks
    Posted in Press Releases on March 22, 2016 | Preview rr

    My thoughts are with the people of Brussels and Belgium today. Hundreds of families have been devastated as people were simply going about their daily lives of commuting, working or heading out on a vacation. Brussels is a city filled with diplomats and military officials, families and working people – the heart and a reflection of a dynamic and interconnected Europe. Read more

  • FL-23 Women's History Month: Lainie Jones
    Posted in Press Releases on March 18, 2016 | Preview rr

    Lainie Jones is a five-time cancer survivor who has been fighting for her life since she was a baby. At just 18 months old, she was diagnosed with adrenal carcinoma in her left adrenal gland. She has been diagnosed melanoma, thyroid cancer, and at age 27 was diagnosed with Stage-2 breast cancer and Li-Frameni syndrome, a rare disorder that makes a person more susceptible to cancer. Read more